Berg Hortimotive recently launched their new pipe rail trolley. Due to new safety laws and regulations when using electric powered vehicles it was of necessity to create a new machine. To meet requirements, Berg Hortimotive developed the Benomic S-Line. This new pipe rail trolley consists of the latest techniques to make work easier, more comfortable and more efficient. And above all, the new line was inspected by the TüV and passed with flying colors!

Ergonomic improvements

The new pipe rail trolley has several improved features. Firstly, Berg Hortimotive developed a new scissoring construction. The new construction prevents any harm to the plants, reduces the erosion and improves the stability. Because of its ergonomic design you can now work comfortably and safely at great heights. To meet the safety requirements, the new S-Line has installed an extra safety rail. Berg Hortimotive also reduced the speed of the machine when the platform lowers. This is great news for the operators as it puts less pressure on their backs and necks.

The platform also met some adjustments. Compared to the previous model, the Benomic S-Line is accessible from two sides. Therefore you can always enter and depart from the platform no matter how the machine is placed in your pathway. The entrance gates now close automatically within the limits of the machine frame and because of the new firm railing it is also possible to mount crates and toolboxes.

Modern control panel

The new pipe rail trolley has a modern control panel with lots of different functions. The panel has an emergency stop, can be used to lift the platform up and down, regulates the speed and has a turbo function. With its turbo function the vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 110 meters per minute. This function can only be used when the platform is at its lowest position. Than there also is a LED status on the panel that checks if there are any failures or malfunctions. Finally, the control panel contains a USB gate and a 12V and 24V contact to charge your phone or to connect a fan.

Maintenance friendly

The Benomic S-Line is easy to maintain. All service parts can be reached directly and from the top. The scissor construction of the new S-Line consists of the same parts as other editions. Therefore, you do not need a lot of pipes and blocks in stock. The new line is also constructed in a way that will prevent littering from leaves.

Berg Hortimotive at Steenks Service

So, are you looking for a new pipe rail trolley that meets all current safety laws and regulations? Than the Benomic S-Line is your perfect match! This new pipe rail trolley is available in three different models that can reach heights of 3,5, 5 or 6,6 meters. For more information about this model you can contact us through the contact form on our website or by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266.