Do you want to be able to transport yourself easily and fast during your work activities within the greenhouse? Due to its steering system, the Berkvens Control Lift 3000 can smoothly shift from driving on a concrete pathway to driving on a pipe rail. In addition, this can be done without you having to leave the platform, which will save a lot of time.

Characteristics of the Control Lift 3000

The maximum platform height that this pipe rail trolley can reach is 300 centimeters. The Control Lift is easy to control and to operate, and its speed can be adjusted electrically. On a pipe rail the trolley can reach a maximum speed of 5 kilometers per hour, and a maximum speed of 9 kilometers per hour can be reached on a concrete pathway.

Furthermore, this pipe rail trolley is equipped with wide rubber concrete pathway wheels, a three double hydraulic scissor platform, a stainless-steel waterproof foot pedal, a built-in 24 volt and 20 amp. waterproof high frequency charger, and a tilt detector.

Watch the video below to see how the Control Lift 3000 operates.

Purchase this pipe rail trolley?

Are you looking for a pipe rail trolley that smoothly moves from one surface to the other, and that is suitable for various activities within the greenhouse, such as harvesting activities? Then the Berkvens Control Lift 3000 is the answer! At Steenks Service we can deliver this pipe rail trolley as a completely new machine, or as an already used machine.

Do you want to know more about the Berkvens Control Lift 3000 pipe rail trolley, or do you want to purchase one? Our specialists are more than happy to help you! Feel free to contact us by filling out the online contact form or by calling us on +31(0) 174 510 266.