Crop protection and crop care are important factors in cultivation. During this process, measures are taken to ensure normal crop development. Protecting the crop against pests and diseases is paramount. To be able to optimally carry out crop protection and care, Steenks Service offers various types of spraying machines. Our spraying machines can be used in numerous places to apply crop protection agents, to clean, or to mist.

Prevent diseases and pests in the greenhouse

Of course, you want to prevent permanent damage to your crop(s) from diseases and pests at all times. Good hygiene in the greenhouse is extremely important to prevent newly emerging diseases and pests. Clean machines, clean water, and clean hands contribute to this to a large extent. Do you need to thoroughly clean your machines? Then we recommend using the Frekofix total cleaner for this. In addition, the Steenks Service disinfection gate contributes to clean hands in the greenhouse. Our spraying machines are of course the next step in combating diseases and pests in the greenhouse.

Various types of spraying machines

At Steenks Service we offer various types of spraying machines that support the protection and care of crops. With the help of these spraying machines, you ensure that pesticides and water penetrate well into the crops and that this is done as efficiently as possible. We are happy to highlight some of our spraying machines for you.

Berg Hortimotive MetoSWT spray robot

With the Berg Hortimotive MetoSWT spray robot you can easily spray the crops locally. The spraying robot is suitable for driving on a pipe rail system. This can be done completely automatically, so without a driver. The Berg Hortimotive MetoSWT has a double spray boom, which you can set separately from each other.

Spray carts on air wheels

Would you like a spraying machine with an extra-large tank capacity? Then our spray carts on air wheels, with a tank capacity ranging from 200 liters up to 2,000 liters, offer the solution. Our spray carts on air wheels are mainly supplied on pneumatic tires, but if desired they can also be equipped for use on pipe rail systems.

Spray carts

The spray carts from our range have a tank capacity of up to 300 liters and are ideal for straightforward spraying of pesticides and water. The spray trolleys are available in multiple types. For example, you can opt for a petrol engine or an electric motor, and for the supply of liquids using a built-in tank or with the help of hoses. If desired, we can also provide custom-made spray trolleys.

Purchase spraying machines at Steenks Service

Are you interested in the Steenks Service spraying machines? Or would you like more information or advice about which machine is most suitable for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us! Our specialists can tell you everything about the machines and are happy to help you make the right choice.