Nedato is a cooperation of 500 potato growers and is an important European player in the potato industry. Growers send their potatoes to Nedato, which subsequently takes care of the handling and distribution. To ensure a smooth handling process, Steenks Service has supplied Nedato with a custom pallet-strapping machine to complement their new palletizer.

Pallet-strapping machine as part of palletizer

Nedato contacted a company to help them build a new palletizer. This particular company was already familiar with our expertise when it comes to pallet-strapping machines. Therefore, we were asked to design an automatic pallet-strapping machine that could be integrated in the brand new palletizer. We took the challenge and went to work.

For this project, we have developed a number of custom solutions in close cooperation with all parties involved. One of these solutions is the automatic placement of corners in every possible position. This enables the machine to automatically process different types of pallets.

Want to see our integrated pallet-strapping machine in action?

Are you interested in our automatic pallet-strapping machine? Watch the video below and see how it operates within a palletizer.

A solution for every strapping need

Do you need a solution for strapping your products? Steenks Service is happy to help you with a solution that fits your needs. As your specialist in strapping machines, we can provide you with fully integrated automatic strapping machines, semi-automatic strapping machines, and banding machines.