The average greenhouse has become a lot bigger over the years. Often, horticulturists tell us that their employees lose a lot of time by walking through the greenhouse. For example, walking from the canteen or the entrance to the workplace can take a couple of minutes every time, multiple times a day. Imagine how much time (and money) this will cost you on a yearly basis.

Downsides of bicycle use in greenhouses

That’s why gardeners often buy bicycles for their employees, so that they can move ‘easily’ through the greenhouse. However, there are a few important downsides related to the use of bicycles in greenhouses. For example, the bicycles take up a lot of space and require regular maintenance. The chain often falls off and has to be put back on, after a while the brakes don’t work a 100% and the tires have to be inflated regularly or even have to be patched. In short, bicycles aren’t the ideal solution for your employees to move around in the greenhouse.

The Steenks inline scooter for horticulturists

In response, Steenks Service has developed a superior mode of transportation for you and your employees. Our Steenks inline scooter is a low-maintenance time and space saver. It offers you a fast and easy trip around the greenhouse, without the downsides of a bicycle. The inline scooter is compact and comes equipped with three solid wheels, this means our product stays upright and can be easily parked in small spaces. Furthermore, the combination of the fully electrolytic galvanized frame and the solid wheels make it extremely low maintenance. With the inline scooter, your employees will move approximately five times faster compared to walking and it will only cost you €162,- (excluding VAT), which you will earn back within no-time.

Watch the video of the Steenk inline scooter.

Greenhouse transportation for multiple persons

Take a look at our persons transport trolley If you are looking for a transportation solution that can help you transport multiple persons at a time. This is a people carrier that you can easy tow behind one of your electric tractors. It comes equipped with safety bars, non-slip floor, double steering and pneumatic tires. An ideal solution for lunch- and coffee breaks.

Watch the video of the Steenk persons transport trolley.