Do you want to pack and transport your stacked goods in the most reliable and safe way? Then our Reisopack strapping machines are indispensable! Strapping machines can be used for all industries, and are used by a large number of companies for both vertical, and horizontal strapping of boxes, pallets, bags, boxes and drums. Reisopack offers a solution for every company, and for products of all sizes!

Semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines

At Steenks Service we offer a wide range of Reisopack strapping machines. From a ‘simple’ semi-automatic strapping machine, to a fully automatic strapping machine with high capacity. If desired, the top models of Reisopack can also be equipped with an automatic corner slat applicator.

Reisopack 2915 and Reisopack 2830

The Reisopack 2915 is an ultramodern automatic strapping machine. This binding machine is mobile, and has a corner slat applicator, which completely automates the strapping process.

Are you looking for a strapping machine to rent? The Reisopack 2830 semi-automatic strapping machine is mobile, and easy to use. The machine is placed next to the stacked pallet, after which the pallet is strapped -using corner slats- within one minute.

At Steenks Service it is also possible to have strapping machines manufactured entirely according to your specific needs. Feel free to inquire regarding the possibilities for your organization. Curious about all Reisopack strapping machines? Take a look on our website.

New and used strapping machines

Besides new Reisopack strapping machines, Steenks Service also sells used strapping machines. Of course, used strapping machines will first undergo a full overhaul and visual revival, before being offered for sale. This way we can also offer strapping machines to companies that prefer to buy a used strapping machine at an attractive price. Do you have a strapping machine that you want to sell or trade in? This is also possible!

Purchase a Reisopack strapping machine?

Are you looking for a strapping machine with which you can easily and quickly strap stacked goods? Then a Reisopack strapping machine is de right choice! Are you interested, but do you still have some questions? Or do you want to purchase a strapping machine right away? By all means, feel free to contact one of our specialists by calling +31(0) 510 266 or by filling out the online contact form on our website. We are happy to help you!