Are you looking for a way to make harvesting work easier and more efficient? Then at Steenks Service, we offer the solution! We supply harvest trolleys for all types of cultivation; from fruit and vegetables to cut flowers. With the help of our harvest trolleys you not only speed up the harvesting work but you are also assured that your products are transported undamaged. Would you also like to fully automate the internal transport of goods after harvesting? Then our AGV electric tow tractors offer you a helping hand!

Tomato harvesting trolleys

The tomato harvesting trolleys from our range are designed in such a way that transport over both the pipe rail and the concrete path is effortless. This is possible thanks to the four heavy swivel wheels, four massive flange rolls, and two rubber center wheels. The vine tomato harvest trolleys are available in various lengths and tracks sizes and are also suitable for automatically pushing boxes and crates up and down.

Harvest trolleys for cut flowers

We also offer various harvest trolleys for harvesting cut flowers. For example, we have an AGV gerbera harvest trolley, which automatically drives over the concrete path to the processing area. This trolley is available in various container dimensions and can be set at a speed of up to 60 meters per minute. The container is automatically emptied, after which the trolley drives back to the greenhouse. Also, we offer a suitable harvest trolley for harvesting roses.

Automatic transport of harvest trolleys

After harvesting the tomatoes, bell peppers, gerberas, or roses, the harvesting trolleys must be transported to the processing area. To simplify this process, you can use our AGV electric tow tractors. In addition to their pulling power, these tractors have several other advantages. The AGV tow tractors move fully automatically over an induction trajectory. Is there an obstacle in the way? Thanks to a scanner that detects obstacles, the tractors stop moving and do not continue until the obstacle has been removed. Moreover, with the help of an AGV tractor, you relieve your employees because it does not have to be moved manually.

Purchase harvesting trolleys at Steenks Service

Do you want to run your harvesting activities as efficiently as possible? Then choose the harvesting trolleys from Steenks Service! Would you like more information about our vehicles or would you like advice on which solution is most suitable for your specific situation? Feel free to contact us via the online contact form on our website or by telephone at +31(0) 174 510 266. Our specialists are happy to help you!