Spring is in full swing and several industries are currently in their peak period. For many companies, this means that their systems are running at full capacity. That is why Steenks Service is starting today with a special Spijkstaal spring promotion. Until June 21, 2022, you will receive a temporary discount on both the Spijkstaal 301 & 304 electric tow tractor. Thanks to the discount, you can purchase the Spijkstaal 301 stand-on tow tractor for € 9,285 instead of € 10,600. The Spijkstaal 304 ride-on tow tractor can be purchased during the promotion for € 16,170 instead of € 17,103.

Electric tow tractors delivered fully roadworthy

If you purchase one of the electric tow tractors from Steenks Service, you will be fully unburdened. The tow tractors are delivered to your location ready for use and are equipped with a battery charger and VBA tow bar. Moreover, we ensure that both the tractor and the charger are VA-approved. Finally, the time of delivery will be in full consultation and we always take specific requests into account.

Difference between the Spijkstaal 301 & 304

Has our spring promotion convinced you to buy an electric tow tractor? But do you have no idea which of the two tow tractors fits best in your production line? Then we will be happy to explain the difference to you.

The Spijkstaal 301 is a stand-on tow tractor that is ideal for small spaces. The tow tractor is very compact and maneuverable and has a towing capacity of no less than 1,500 kg. The Spijkstaal 301 electric tow tractor is very suitable for order picking, for example.

Spijkstaal 301 | Steenks Service

Our Spijkstaal 304 electric tow tractor is a ride-on tow tractor and therefore ideal for longer distances. The tractor has a towing capacity of 4,000 kg and is therefore very suitable for heavier loads. Thanks to the narrow construction of the tow tractor, it can be used in tight aisles and smaller spaces.

Spijkstaal 304 | Steenks Service

Electric tow tractor widely applicable

An electric tow tractor is very versatile in various organizations, such as hospitals, airports, and flower auctions. The tow tractor owes its popularity in these sectors to the fact that it is electrically driven and can therefore also be used indoors. Thanks to the full traction battery, the maximum power can be obtained from the engine, so even heavy objects can be transported smoothly.

Spijkstaal 304 in ziekenhuis | Steenks Service

Order Spijkstaal 301 or 304 at Steenks Service

Thanks to our spring promotion, you can now order a Spijkstaal 301 or 304 for a very good price. So, do not wait any longer and order your machine via our website. Do you have any questions about the machines or the terms of the promotion? Feel free to contact us via the online contact form or by telephone at +31(0) 174 510 266. We will be pleased to help you!