Do you need (additional) pipe-rail trolleys on a temporary basis? Perhaps to cover peak periods or to carry out maintenance on your greenhouses? At Steenks Service, you can rent pipe-rail trolleys all year round for a wide variety of activities. Last year, we expanded our fleet to include new 4-scissor pipe rail trolleys. We tell you more in this article.

Long-term or short-term rental of pipe-rail trolleys

At Steenks Service, we have a wide range of pipe-rail trolleys for rent, all of which are available for rent. We offer a number of different models from renowned manufacturers, including Berg Hortimotive, Berkvens and Bogaerts. You can rent a pipe-rail trolley for a number of different activities, including crop work, transport tasks or greenhouse/screen cloth maintenance. You can conclude a rental agreement with us for both short-term and long-term projects. We are happy to work with you to identify the best solution for your project.

Expansion of rental fleet to include new pipe-rail trolleys

Last year, we expanded our fleet to include a number of new pipe-rail trolleys, including a range of hydraulic 4-scissor models. These models have a platform height ranging from 5 to 6.40 metres. These pipe-rail trolleys are also equipped with platform extenders, and all machines have an integrated battery charger. Finally, the trolleys are available in any track dimension, ranging from 42.5 to 80 cm centre-to-centre, both for inner and outer flange rollers.

Steenks Service | Expansion of used 4-scissor pipe-rail trolleys Expansion of used pipe-rail trolleys | Steenks Service

Rented pipe-rail trolleys delivered to your door

If you opt to rent a pipe-rail trolley, or several, from us, we’ll take care of all transport to your location. We’ll deliver your rented pipe-rail trolley do your door, and collect it again when you no longer need it. We subject all rented trolleys to a technical inspection beforehand, refurbish them and clean them, so that you can rest assured you’re receiving a reliable product. As such, we don’t just guarantee a favourable price, but the same level of high-quality service to which you are accustomed.

Renting pipe-rail trolleys from Steenks Service

Are you interested in renting or leasing one of our pipe-rail trolleys or do you have other questions about our service? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. There’s no obligation. Simply complete our online contact form or get in touch by e-mailing or by calling +31(0) 174 510 266.