Recently we delivered a brand new Reisopack 2830 to Florca in Westland (a municipality in the Netherlands). Florca is a flower export company that daily exports large quantities of fresh flowers and plants by air freight to more than 60 destinations worldwide. For transporting the flowers and plants, the flower export company uses special boxes made of sturdy corrugated cardboard which are treated with special protective material. The boxes with the flowers and plants are then placed on pallets per destination in a refrigerated area before they are exported to the country of destination.

Transport of flowers and plants

Florca used plastic film to bind the pallets with boxes. However, this had no positive effect on the special boxes, so the company started looking for another solution. Ultimately, Florca opted for our Reisopack 2830 strapping machine. Compared to the plastic film, strips of the strapping machine have the advantage that the vacuum cooling progresses faster. Moreover, this is a more sustainable and easier method of binding pallets.

Reisopack 2830 for strapping pallets

The Reisopack 2830 strapping machine is one of the most popular models in our range for a reason. The semi-automatic strapping machine is very easy to use and also very flexible, so you can move it quickly and easily. The machine is placed next to the pallet to be strapped, after which it is manually used to strap the pallet. Within 54 seconds a pallet is completely strapped with corner slats. Do you often need to strap goods within your organization? Then our Reisopack 2830 and other strapping machines offer the solution! Not only do you save a lot of time, but you also reduce the workload for your employees.

Watch the video below to see the Reisopack 2830 in action at Florca:

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Are you also looking for a way to strap pallets firmly, safely, quickly, and easily? At Steenks Service we offer various types of strapping machines with which you can ensure that you can transport your (stacked) goods without any worries. Would you like more information about our machines or would you like advice on which machine is most suitable for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!