We recently delivered two Reisopack 2830 semi-automatic strapping machines to family business Hoek group, which is specialized in buying and selling flowers and plants. Where previously plastic adhesive tape was used for strapping their pallets containing boxes, the company has now switched to the use of strapping band. According to Marco (Hoek group), this is a lot more efficient.

Largely automated production process

Hoek group is one of the very first companies in the flower industry to have largely automated their production process. The company has a conveyor belt throughout the company, with which the buckets of flowers can be transported from one side to the other. This high-end conveyor system is equipped with hundreds of meters of sensors that ensure that flowers automatically arrive at the right place. The flowers are then neatly packed in cardboard boxes to prevent the flowers from being damaged during transport. These boxes are then stacked on pallets, after which they can be strapped for export.

Plastic tape replaced by strapping band

In the past, plastic tape was used for strapping the pallets, but this damaged the boxes every time they were loosened. In addition, practice has shown that plastic tape has too little bearing capacity to transport the flower boxes. For this reason, Hoek group has chosen to integrate a semi-automatic strapping machine into their process. The Reisopack 2830 is the ideal strapping machine for this company. Mainly because this strapping machine is very maneuverable. Given the fact that there are multiple exits in Hoek group’s packaging line, the company needed a machine that could be moved around. The Reisopack 2830 is on wheels and can be moved easily and quickly from one exit to another to strap pallets.

Watch the video of our delivery at Hoek group here:

Integrate Reisopack 2830 into your production process?

Are you looking for a way that makes strapping your pallets a lot easier? Then the Reisopack 2830 might be what you are looking for! Feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your requirements. In this way, we can advise you which solution best suits your production process.