At Steenks Service you can now temporarily benefit from interesting factory discounts on our Stefix 95 floor sweeper and Bull tow tractors! Please note: this promotion only runs from June 7 to June 18. Would you like to take advantage of the interesting discounts? Then be quick and inquire about the possibilities to take advantage of this promotion.

Stefix 95 floor sweeper for the best cleaning result

If you are looking for a way to quickly and efficiently clean your workspace, our Stefix 95 offers the solution! This popular floor sweeper has a powerful motor, which makes it very easy to sweep and vacuum fine dust and coarse dirt. Thanks to the large sweeping width of the Stefix 95 floor sweeper, cleaning concrete paths is a simple and quick job. Our floor sweeper comes standard with solid non-marking wheels, a 6 m² filter for fine dust, an electric filter shaker, heavy traction batteries, and a high-frequency battery charger.

Bull tow tractors simplify heavy internal transport

Do you have to do heavy work in the greenhouse, such as transporting large quantities of vegetables or moving plants? Then choose our Bull 2 or Bull 4 electric tow tractor! Both electric tow tractors offer you the necessary helping hand when transporting heavy goods in a user-friendly way. The Bull tow tractors are equipped with a battery-indicator-meter and hour counter, a built-in high-frequency battery charger, and a full traction battery pack. The Bull 2 electric tow tractor has a pulling power of 2,500 kg and the Bull electric tow tractor has a slightly greater pulling power, namely of 4,000 kg.

Trade-in your machine

Do you already have an industrial floor sweeper, but does it need to be replaced? At Steenks Service we offer the possibility to exchange your current machine with us. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to visit you to determine the value of your machine together with you.

Take advantage of the factory discounts

Would you like to buy our Stefix 95 or one of our Bull electric tow tractors with an interesting discount? Please contact us and inquire about the possibilities to take advantage of the factory discounts. Even if you would like more information about our machines, our specialists are at your service! Contact us via telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or via the contact form on our website.