The summer is firmly behind us, autumn is well under way and for many companies, it’s time for a big clean-up. A major clean-up at this time of year is essential so that you can head into winter clean and fresh.

To help you out with cleaning the floor of your production hall, the concrete path through your greenhouse or your shop floor, Steenks Service is pleased to be able to announce a number of October discount deals throughout the month. As part of our October discount deals, we’ll be offering several large discounts on our varied range of floor scrubbers. Please visit the October discount deals page of our website for our range of walk-behind and ride-on machines, including prices and discounts!

Steenks Service can deliver floor scrubbers free of charge in the Netherlands

On delivery, every floor scrubber is ready for use and comes with all relevant accessories, such as batteries and chargers. In addition, every floor scrubber comes with a minimum full year’s warranty and can be delivered free of charge to any address in the Netherlands. We are also open to discussing any special requests you might have relating to delivery, part exchange and machine specifications. The same service that you have come to expect from us.

So don’t delay, and take advantage of large discounts through until 28 October 2022 October discount deals!

Schrobtober | Steenks Service

Rapid and efficient cleaning with floor scrubbers from Steenks Service

Is cleaning the floor in your production hall or greenhouse just too time-consuming and intensive? At Steenks Service, we have a divergent range of floor scrubbers to help make the process faster and more efficient. After all, a clean floor is important for both the hygiene of your employees and the image that’s given off to customers.

A floor scrubber offers the best of both worlds – it starts by wetting the floor with water and a suitable cleaning agent, before brushing the floor thoroughly to get it clean. The soiled water is then vacuumed away and stored in a waste water tank.

Steenks Service has a wide range of Stefix floor scrubbers to choose from, including both walk-behind and ride-on machines, with varying cleaning capacities of 900 m²/hr to as high as 5500 m²/hr! We also offer a range of different brushes suitable for any type of floor.

Need further information about floor scrubbers and October discount deals?

If you’d like further information about Steenks Service floor scrubbers or our October discount deals promotion, please get in touch by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266. There is no obligation. You can also use our online contact form.