We recently delivered two Berkvens GL5000-D pipe rail trolleys to De Bakker Westland. The company specializes in growing tomatoes and also has a number of side activities related to greenhouse horticulture. De Bakker Westland has chosen to invest in new pipe rail trolleys at Steenks Sevice in order to be able to continue their crop activities in a safer way.

Replace old pipe rail trolleys for new Berkvens pipe rail trolleys

De Bakker Westland has been using pipe rail trolleys for their crop activities for many years. After years of loyal service, it was time for new trolleys. This was mainly due to the fact that there were more and more problems with the batteries of the old machines and they sometimes stopped working. To guarantee the safety of their employees and to keep the process running, De Bakker Westland has opted for the new Berkvens pipe rail trolleys.

Berkvens GL5000-D pipe rail trolley

The Berkvens GL5000-D is a new generation of pipe rail trolleys that comply with the latest European legislation and regulations. The pipe rail trolley can be raised up to 5 meters in height so that it can also be used at De Bakker Westland for maintenance in their greenhouses. Read more about the specifications of the Berkvens GL5000-D pipe rail trolley here.

Fast delivery of new pipe rail trolleys

At Steenks Service we do everything we can to deliver your machines to your location as quickly as possible. In this case, we were able to deliver the pipe rail trolleys to De Bakker Westland the day after ordering. However, this is not common nowadays, given the high raw material prices and long delivery times of parts. The owner of De Bakker Westland, Roel de Bakker, is very pleased with the personal service and fast delivery of our pipe rail trolleys.

Using Steenks Service pipe rail trolley in the horticultural sector

Steenks Service’s pipe rail trolleys are widely applicable in the horticultural sector. The pipe rail trolleys can be used for crop, harvesting and maintenance work, glass and roof repairs, and transport, amongst other things. The trolleys make it possible to work more efficiently, which means that more work can be done in a shorter period of time. At Steenks Service it is possible to buy or rent a pipe rail trolley. In addition, old pipe rail trolleys can be exchanged for new ones at an appealing price. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or to ask for advice about our pipe rail trolleys.