At the end of 2017, Berg Hortimotive has decided to renew the foot pedal, which is used to activate and stop pipe rail trolleys. The old foot pedals that previously were used for, among other products, the pipe rail trolleys of the Benomic series, can now also be replaced by a renewed, more ergonomic version. When the new foot switch is pressed, the foot is fully equal with the platform of the pipe rail trolley, which means less physical strain for employees in greenhouses.

Berg Hortimotive foot pedal

Foot pedal as a solution for automatic driving

It used to be common that pipe rail trolleys drove automatically, unless the brake was applied. However, because of a number of accidents, the labor inspectorate has banned this working method. Therefore, the foot pedal was introduced as an accelerator pedal.

Foot pedal on piperail trolley often not an ideal solution

However, the above-named solution was not always ideal, because of the continuously pressing of the foot pedal that led to a static physical load for employees. Pipe rail trolleys are in motion for a very large part of the day, which means that employees have to press the accelerator pedal for long periods of time. Therefore, a more ergonomically solution was needed.

New foot pedal improvement on all fronts

The new foot pedal of Berg Hortimotive is not only a big improvement when it comes to ergonomics. Because this switch works contactless, there is no mechanical wear, which means less maintenance. In addition, the new foot pedals will be installed completely free of the platform, without edges where dirt can accumulate, which makes it easy to keep the platform clean. The new foot switches can be installed on almost all pipe rail trolleys of Berg Hortimotive. To complete the installation, an adjustment of the electrical circuit is required. More information is available on request, please feel free to contact us.. We are specialized in sales, installation, and maintenance of all Berg Hortimotive products.