Is your Reisopack strapping machine currently not in use due to production downtime? Then it is important to have your machine checked and, if necessary, to provide it with periodic maintenance. To prevent problems with your strapping machine during a busy period, this is especially recommended when your machine has been idle for a while. Steenks Service is always available for professional maintenance of your machines.

Maintenance on location or in our workshop

At Steenks Service we have a spacious and professional workshop where we can provide maintenance or repair to all machines. Is it not possible or desirable to move your Reisopack machine, for example, because it is completely integrated into a processing line? Then our technicians will also be happy to come over to your location, to ensure that your Reisopack strapping machine is completely ready for work again. This also saves you a lot of time and transport costs.

Order strapping machine parts in our webshop

Is a particular part of your strapping machine in need of replacement? In our webshop, you will find the necessary parts for your machine. You can easily order these parts (after creating an account) within a few clicks! Of course, strapping band cannot be missed when you have a strapping machine. It is possible to order loose rolls or entire pallets of strapping band (polyester and polypropylene) from us. We also offer a strap shredder, which allows you to shred and recycle strapping band easily and efficiently.

Appointment for strapping machine maintenance

Be on time and get your Reisopack machine serviced! Feel free to make an appointment via the online contact form or contact us by phone at +31(0) 174 510 266. We will gladly ensure that your strapping machine can again strap all pallet loads without any problems and is therefore completely ready for the new season!