The specialists of Steenks Service are very happy when they can come up with a custom solution that really contributes to the business of our customer. Therefore, we are thrilled about our new design of a pipe rail trolley that was made in close collaboration with vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan.

Designing the prototype

When designing the prototype, the main point was to create a pipe rail trolley that would contribute to the ergonomic pollination of crops. Two important demands from Rijk Zwaan were that the controls of the pipe rail trolley had to be simple and that the pipe rail trolley would have a limited weight. With these demands in mind, Steenks Service designed a number of prototypes by hand. These prototypes were equipped with a platform that could be adjusted mechanically. The result is a significant weight reduction compared to using hydraulic techniques and a simpler handling of the mechanism. Moreover, with the adjustable height of the platform, ergonomic pollination of crops becomes a breeze. It was no surprise to us that Rijk Zwaan responded very enthusiastically to our prototypes. Prototype pipe rail trolley Rijk Zwaan

Pipe rail trolleys in action

Our custom-built pipe rail trolleys for Rijk Zwaan are already fully operational. Do you want to see them at work? Watch the video below to get a good impression of these magnificent machines.

Your pipe rail trolley

These custom-built pipe rail trolleys are not only suitable for the pollination of crops. For instance, workers who have to cut the leaves off of tomato plants also benefit from a mechanically adjustable platform. This is why we get a lot of requests from customers who want to order these mechanically adjustable pipe rail trolleys. In response, we added the model to our assortment, which means that it is now available for everyone.

Custom pipe rail trolleys

Are you, just like Rijk Zwaan, in need of a custom-built pipe rail trolley? Please contact Steenks Service by completing the contact form on our website or by dialling +31(0) 174 510 266. Our specialists are more than happy to design a custom pipe rail trolley that will meet and exceed your expectations!