Want to easily transport trolleys with large quantities of bell peppers or other vegetables? Or move plants in the greenhouse quickly and easily? Then a Bull electric tow tractor is guaranteed to be an asset to your company! Thanks to their pulling power, these tow tractors are extremely suitable for the (heavy) internal transport of goods.

Bull electric tow tractors for horticulture

Electric tow tractors are of great value to growers in professional greenhouse horticulture as they can be used for various activities. For example, our Bull tow tractors are used in horticulture to pull harvest trolleys from the greenhouse to the warehouse or to move containers, without the need for physical exertion. With the help of a Bull tow tractor, the efficiency of the work is increased and besides that, you also relieve your employees.

Can be used in various industries

A Bull electric tow tractor offers the solution not only in professional greenhouse horticulture but also at a lot of other locations in other companies and industries. For example, our Bull tow tractors are often used at hospitals, railways, airports, large company locations, and order picking. A Bull tow tractor is very environmentally friendly and also has a full traction battery. This provides maximum power directly from a standstill, which makes moving heavy loads over short and long distances very easy.

Types of Bull electric tow tractors

In our offer, you will find various types of Bull tow tractors. For example, these electric tow tractors differ in pulling power, which starts from 800 kg and goes up to no less than 7,000 kg. Is the electric tow tractor often used outdoors? Then you can also opt for a Bull tow tractor with a cabin, which offers extra comfort and protection for the driver. In addition, we have tow tractors that are available in two different versions; a standing and a sitting model. Would you like to know which Bull tow tractor is most suitable for your specific situation? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Purchase a Bull tow tractor at Steenks Service

Would you also like to take advantage of the benefits that a Bull electric tow tractor has to offer? Or would you like more information about our various tow tractors first? Our specialists will be happy to tell you more and provide you with sound advice. Contact us by telephone via telephone number +31 (0) 174 510 266 or fill in the contact form on our website.