Spijkstaal was officially declared bankrupt in August 2015. Founded in 1938, the company was best known for the electric mobile supermarket vehicles making door-to-door deliveries. At a later date, Spijkstaal started producing electric tow tractors. These electric tow tractors are a very common sight in hospitals, large distribution centres, airports (such as Schiphol) , but especially gained fame through their use at Flora Holland flower auction, where they soon gained the nickname ‘auction tractor’.

Steenks Service is one of the largest suppliers of these electric tow tractors and has gained great experience with these tractors in recent years, thanks to close cooperation with Spijkstaal. With a continuous stock of more of 120 electric tow tractors, platform trucks and other means of internal transport produced by Spijkstaal, we have become a global supplier of this Spijkstaal electric tow tractor. And we are proud of that!

Due to there being so many Spijkstaal tow tractors in use worldwide, as well as the ever increasing demand for new and used Spijkstaal electric vehicles, it was therefore unthinkable that this bankruptcy would close the Spijkstaal book once and for all. Early September, we were informed that Hoogvliet-based Peinemann Lifting Solutions had taken over Spijkstaal Elektro.  In the new situation, Spijkstaal Elektro will be known as Spijkstaal International.

What will change for you as the owner of one or more Spijkstaals? Nothing, in principle. We’re still here for you after all, with service, maintenance, parts and (Vebit) testing.

What will change for you when looking for a new or used Spijkstaal? Once again, nothing. Steenks Service will continue to be the right address for new and used Spijkstaal electric tow tractors. Take your time checking out our stock or contact one of our sales staff.

You’re also at the right address for the hire or lease of Spijkstaal electric tow tractors!

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