It has been a year ago since we introduced the Steenks inline scooter. Since its introduction, already a lot of greenhouse workers are now moving at lightning fast speeds through greenhouses on their Steenks scooters. Of course, driving our inline scooter is a very time efficient way to get across greenhouses, and at the same time it is a lot of fun! Not surprisingly our customers are seriously excited about the Steenks inline scooter!

Inline scooters even used in Australia

We soon noticed that there is a great demand for the Steenks inline scooter. After its launch, an article appeared in one of the largest Dutch newspapers (Algemeen Dagblad), and we were interviewed by Goedemorgen, broadcasted at TuinbouwTV. After all this publicity, sales increased rapidly. In the meantime, our scooter has been sold almost 200 times! The Steenks inline scooters are so popular, that they are already in use on the other side of the world in Australia. Furthermore, our scooters are of course sold very well in countries surrounding the Netherlands, such as Germany and Belgium.

The Steenks inline scooter

Time is money

More than anything else, our inline scooters are designed for the use in large greenhouse complexes. Greenhouse workers are spending more and more time getting from point A to point B due to the ever-increasing dimensions of greenhouses. For instance, when they have to walk to the canteen to have lunch. If you calculate the time needed for this small walk -of just a couple of minutes- on an annual basis, a large amount of time and money can be saved. The inline scooters offered by Steenks Service are the perfect solution to cope with this this challenge, and are therefore received with great enthusiasm.

Better than a bicycle

Because of greenhouses getting bigger and bigger, and workloads are getting higher, we noticed a need for more efficiency on the work floor. To this day, many companies are still providing bicycles to employees to get around their greenhouses, but often these bicycles are too large to be convenient in use, and they also require a lot of maintenance. The Steenks inline scooter has been specifically designed for the use in greenhouses. The scooters are fast, take up little space and do not need a lot of maintenance. This ultimately ensures more efficiency and a higher productivity in greenhouses

Inline scooters by Steenks Service

The Steenks inline scooters are ideal for the use in greenhouses or large warehouses. Are you interested in our scooter or do you want to receive more information about it? Then contact us via the online contact form on our website or by telephone at number +31 (0) 174 510 266.