Steenks Service recently delivered the very first bell pepper shuttle system in Australia to the Australian grower Katunga Fresh Produce. Katunga Fresh Produce is a family business that originally grew tomatoes, but due to the high demand for bell peppers, they started growing three colors of bell peppers. To ensure that the harvesting and transport activities of the bell pepper cultivation run as efficiently as possible, Katunga Fresh Produce has opted for Steenks Service’s bell pepper shuttle system. This makes the company the first nursery in Australia to use such a system. And of course, we are very proud that we have been able to deliver it (at no less than 16,552 kilometers from the Netherlands as the crow flies)!

Operation of the bell pepper shuttle system

The system of the bell pepper shuttle, which is produced by Berg Hortimotive, ensures a smooth and fast course of harvesting and transport work, which saves a lot of labor and time. Even at height, bell peppers can be harvested easily using this system. During harvesting at height, the shuttle remains on the chassis of the scissor wagon, while the container automatically moves along with the platform. When the container is filled, the platform of the scissor wagon, with the container on it, drops down again and drives out of the path. The full container is placed on the shuttle, after which you can continue working with a new empty container and shuttle.

Quicker and easier production process

When you have finished harvesting, all full containers are coupled to an AGV electric tow tractor. This electric tractor then drives completely autonomously to the sorting area, where it is emptied. This not only makes the production process a lot faster and easier, but also there is a minimal risk of damaging the bell peppers.

Purchase a shuttle system at Steenks Service

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