We have had quite a few deliveries on our schedule lately. In previous news items, you have been able to read about various horticultural machines that we have supplied to our customers. This month we made WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij happy with the delivery of their new mobile electric hose reel.

New hose reel from Berg Hortimotive

WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij grows ornamental shrubs and perennial plants on a large scale. In order to grow these plants diligently, they need regular watering. To do this, from now on they use an electrically driven hose reel. WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij has opted for an electric hose reel of the brand Berg Hortimotive. This hose reel model has only been on the market since 2021 and is equipped with the latest technology.

Steenks Service delivers electric hose reel to WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij

Specifications of the mobile electric hose reel

As the hose reel opted by WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij has not been on the market for very long, this means that the reel is equipped with the latest techniques in terms of user-friendliness. The electric hose reel, for example, is equipped with an automatic winding system with speed control, which can be set by oneself via the control panel. Thanks to this system, the winding speed of the reel remains constant at all times. Furthermore, the mobile electric hose reel has a remote control which makes winding the hose very easy!

See here how WTM de Boer Boomkwekerij uses the mobile electric hose reel

Buy a hose reel at Steenks Service

At Steenks Service we have various hose reels in our range of the brands Berg Hortimotive and Empas. You can choose from hose reels that are operated in different ways. The simplest model is a manually operated hose reel, followed by a hose reel with an automatic hose guide. Our most advanced version is the mobile electric hose reel. Would you like to know which hose reel best suits your business processes? Our specialists are happy to advise you. Fill in our contact form or call us at +31(0) 174 510 266.