Steenks Service recently delivered a Stefix 73 ground cover sweeper to Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen. The company, located in Luttelgeest (the Netherlands), has been growing various plant species, such as Salix on a stem, Euonymus, bamboo, and ornamental grasses, for 43 years. To clean their anti-rooth cloth as quickly and easily as possible, Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen went looking for a maneuverable ground cover sweeper. This is to also be able to efficiently clean the smaller areas that are more difficult to clean. JP van Straalen with Stefix 73 | Steenks Service

Why Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen opts for Stefix 73

Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen owns a total of 6 hectares of land on which various plant species are grown. To clean a large part of this surface and to keep it clean, the nursery has opted for the Stefix 73 of Steenks Service. This walk-behind sweeper is specially designed for cleaning anti-root cloth and therefore ideal for use in their nursery. The machine has been in use for several weeks by Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen and is very much appreciated! Especially the maneuverability in smaller areas where, for example, irrigation is installed or where there are pipes on the floor, is one of the many advantages of the Stefix 73 according to the nursery.

Clean cultivation floors thanks to Stefix 73

The Stefix 73 is a walk-behind sweeper that has been specially developed for cleaning cultivation floors and anti-rooth cloth. The main advantage of this machine is that it sucks up the dust, and the dust is not swept up. This is in contrast to the use of traditional brushes, which create clouds of dust. This makes the Stefix 73 very popular with nurseries, among others. The capacity of the sweeping machine is a total of 3,400 m2 per hour, which saves a lot of time compared to sweeping by hand.

Buy a walk-behind sweeper at Steenks Service

Do you, like Boomkwekerij J.P. van Straalen, want to be able to clean your anti-rooth cloth quickly and easily? Then the Stefix 73 is ideal for you! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our sweeping machines. Call us at +31(0) 174 510 266 or send an email to