Since the arrival of the coronavirus, hygiene has become more important than ever in many places. However, good hygiene has always been of great importance in horticulture. By ensuring a very clean and hygienic working environment, the spread of viruses in the greenhouse is prevented as much as possible. At Steenks Service, we have been offering special dip containers since 2019 and we have recently launched new, innovative dip containers. This allows employees in the greenhouse to easily disinfect their hands.

The operation of the dip container

Our new dip container (also known as a sanitizer tray) can be installed on any type of pipe rail trolley using a universal hanging system. A time control can then be set via the dip container, which ensures that the pipe rail trolley automatically stops after the set time. Because of this, the employee is forced to disinfect his or her hands in the dip container, which is filled with disinfectant, before the pipe rail trolley will automatically continue to drive. Due to employees constantly disinfecting their hands, the chance that an employee will pass on a virus to the cultivation is a lot smaller.

Features of the dip container

The sanitizer tray is made of stainless steel type 316, which makes the tray resistant to all chemical substances, including disinfectants. In addition to the fact that the dip container has an adjustable time control and a small integrated material holder, it also has a level regulator and level indicator. These allow you to set the level of added disinfectant, and let you easily see when the disinfectant needs to be refilled. Also, the sanitizer tray has a status LED. This allows the user to see when the set time has been exceeded and the hands must therefore be disinfected, when the pipe rail trolley can continue driving, and when the water level is too low. The sanitizer tray can be easily emptied using a hose that is connected to the bottom of the tray. As standard, the dip container comes with a 1-meter long hose, including a 4-pin plug.

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