Steenks Service holds a ‘stock clearance sale’ in the final weeks of the year. Perhaps you’re looking for a machine that will help you to hit the ground running in January, or maybe you’re looking for a machine in which you can still invest this year? Either way, Steenks Service is the right place for you – we have a range of new and as-new machines in stock and ready for delivery.

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Machines in stock

Steenks Service has a number of types of machine in stock so that we can ensure rapid delivery to customers. From pipe rail trolleys to electric tractors, from strapping machines to sweepers and from scrubbers to spray machines – we have the most popular machines in stock so that they can be delivered immediately. This is extremely important for customers who need to ensure continuity in their operational processes.

Essential range of machines

Steenks Service supplies machines for horticulture and industry. These are the essential machines needed for core operational processes. The range includes pipe rail trolleys, electric tractors, strapping machines, cleaning machines, spray machines and air wheel trolleys. We also have more specialised machines available, such as hook winding machines and string machines, particularly for vegetable growing operations.

Service and spare parts warehouse

In addition to machines, Steenks Service also provides accompanying service. This means that we can support you with machine maintenance and servicing and, if you experience an emergency, can undertake repairs as well. For an essential range of machines, we have technicians with specialist knowledge. Our technicians know the machines inside out, which puts them in the perfect position to properly assist you when you need it. We also maintain a spacious spare parts warehouse where most items are kept in stock, allowing us to provide whatever you need as promptly as possible.

Want to know more about our in-stock machines?

Interested to know whether we can supply machines to you directly? Or perhaps you need advice on a machine to help support your operational processes? If so, you can contact us by email at or by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266.