A few months ago we installed two new binding machines at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs in Naaldwijk. These strapping machines form a part of the new Van den Bos packaging lines. The Van den Bos Flowerbulbs business was established in 1946 and is known all over the world for the export of lily bulbs, freesia bulbs and calla bulbs and corms.

According to Jacques Heuschen (Facilities Manager at Van den Bos), everything from order picking to binding the pallets runs highly satisfactorily. He is also extremely satisfied with the space that is saved as a consequence of this automation – formerly everything was done by hand and took up a lot of room.

Why did Jacques opt for the Steenks strapping machines? “Because of the reliability and the fact that they are close by. Thanks to the good collaboration between Steenks Service, Van den Bos and Total Systems (who supplied the rest of the packaging line), the entire installation process went well.”

Wouter Steenks himself is proud of the installation. “It is recommended to bind the pallets to ensure that the goods are transported stably. The binding machines purchased by Van den Bos achieve an enormous gain in time in that process.” 

At Steenks Service you can buy both new and used strapping machines. These machines are for both the horizontal and vertical binding of pallets, boxes, vats, bags and caskets (with or without corner protectors). Besides the strapping machines, we naturally also supply the accompanying materials such as strapping tape and cardboard corner protectors.