Crop protection and care are very important in strawberry farming. However, this process is very labor-intensive. For this reason, strawberry growers WestBerry De Lier and T’ Aardbeihofke in Ravels (the Netherlands) have chosen to automate their crop treatment using tailor-made solutions from Steenks Service.

Automatic spray trolley from Steenks Service

At Steenks Service, we offer you the possibility of completely customizing an automatic spray trolley, so you can spray multiple paths at the same time. In addition, you can also choose to add extra nozzles to both the front and/or the back to quickly and easily spray your facade. In concrete terms, thanks to an automatic spray trolley from Steenks Service, you save a lot of time and labor without having to compromise on quality.

Fully automated process at T’ Aardbeihofke

Steenks Service recently delivered a Meto spray trolley and Meto transport trolley to T’Aardbeihofke in Ravels. This combination of machines enables the strawberry grower to fully automate their process of crop treatment. For example, the Meto spray trolley can spray no less than 7 paths simultaneously, after which the transport trolley can automatically move the spray trolley to the next path. T’ Aardbeihofke has opted for a Meto spray trolley which is equipped with a spray arm made of galvanized steel with 7 spray masts.

In the video below you can see for yourself how our Meto spray trolley and Meto transport trolley are used at T’ Aardbeihofke in Ravels:

WestBerry De Lier saves a lot of time thanks to Meto spray trolley

WestBerry De Lier is also very pleased with our Meto spray trolley. The company, which previously only grew tomatoes, has started growing strawberries this year. To make their production process a lot easier and less labor-intensive, they opted for a custom-made spray trolley that can spray no less than 3 paths at the same time.

Watch the video below to see how Westberry De Lier uses the custom-made Meto spray trolley from Steenks Service:

Simplify the production process with Steenks Service

Would you also like to simplify your production process with a custom spray trolley or transport trolley? Then feel free to contact us without any obligations. Together, we will map out your production process, after which it can be determined what kind of machines you can use. Feel free to call us at +31(0) 174 510 266 or fill in the contact form on our website.