Unfortunately, the world is currently affected by the COVID-19 virus (also known as corona virus). This virus has a major economic impact, at which also the floriculture sector is effected. Because everyone can use a boost in these difficult times, Van der Ende Groep has created the FlowerBoostChallenge.


With the FlowerBoostChallenge, Van der Ende Groep challenges everyone to buy flowers or plants for colleagues, friends, partners, family, and neighbors. By doing this, we together can lighten up this challenging time a bit, and moreover we will give the entire floriculture sector a small boost.

Support the floriculture sector and participate in the FlowerBoostChallenge | Steenks Service  

Support this challenge

Also at Steenks Service we would like to support the floricultural growers and therefore participate in the challenge! That is why we challenged Empas, Berg Hortimotive and ErfGoed Teeltvloeren to surprise their employees with a ‘Flowers and Plants boost’. Do you want to support this challenge as well? Go to your social media page and name three organizations that you would like to challenge!