Horticulture is a dynamic and expanding sector with a wide variety of activities. This expansion and amount of work require qualitative and reliable tools, which simplify and speed up the work of the grower. At Steenks Service we have a lot of expertise in this sector and offer various solutions for specific situations.

In addition to the fact that many of our machines relieve growers, our machines can also be used in numerous other types of branches, including healthcare, aviation, industry, logistics, and packaging.

Electric tow tractors for simplifying heavy (internal) transport

Electric tow tractors are of great value to growers in professional horticulture. Not only because they can be used for various purposes, but also because they are ideal for doing heavy work. For example, in the tree nursery, these machines are often used with Danish trolleys to easily move plants.

At Steenks Service we are specialized in supplying tow tractors. In our range, you will therefore find electric tow tractors of several brands, varying in pulling power from 500 kg up to no less than 30,000 kg. We also supply walk-behind tow tractors, stand-on tow tractors, and seated models. Would you like to rent one or more electric tow tractors for a short-term or long-term project? That also is possible.

Electric tow tractors relieve the grower | Steenks Service

Automated Guided Vehicles

Machines that are becoming more and more popular among growers are Automated Guided Vehicles. These are electric tugs that are induction powered and follow a special induction wire milled into the ground. Because of this, these tractors have the enormous advantage that they can drive unmanned. Our Automated Guided Vehicles are particularly attractive for horticulture since a large number of products have to be driven back and forth regularly. When this happens automatically, time and money are saved.

Stefix ground cover sweeper

One of our inventions is the Stefix ground cover sweeper. Extensive market research is conducted for this machine, which has resulted in a machine that meets all customer needs and now is extremely popular in horticulture. The sweeper effortlessly cleans the ground cover on soft surfaces and is also suitable for sweeping a concrete floor. The sweepers are built exclusively for us by a factory, making them not available anywhere else.

Purchase a machine at Steenks Service

Do you want to carry out the work activities in your nursery more efficiently and relieve your employees? Then choose the machines from Steenks Service! Would you like more information about our machines or would you like advice on which machine(s) you can best use for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us without obligation by telephone on 0174 – 510 266. Our specialists are happy to help you.