Is it time for a major cleanup of your workplace? Then the workplace floor should of course not be forgotten. Proper cleaning and keeping the workplace floor clean is very important but can be a time-consuming task. Therefore, we at Steenks Service offer various cleaning machines that support you in this, and that allow you to quickly sweep and scrub your floors. This way, cleaning the workplace floor becomes an easy job and saves you a lot of labor.

Effortlessly sweep floors with Stefix

Is there dirt or fine dust on the workplace floor? Then you can clean it efficiently with our own developed Stefix sweep/suction machines. Thanks to the brushes and powerful vacuum motor of the sweepers, dirt and fine dust are effortlessly swept up and vacuumed.

Depending on the surface to be swept, we offer various machines that provide you with optimal support. For example, the Stefix 75 walk-behind sweeper with a capacity of 3,400 m² per hour is suitable for smaller surfaces. For slightly larger areas, the Stefix 95 ride-on sweeper, which has a capacity of 6,200 m² per hour, is ideal. If you need to sweep a very large surface, the Stefix 170 offers the solution. This machine has a capacity of no less than 13,600 m² per hour.

Scrub your workplace floor in no time

Has the dust been removed from the workplace floor? Then the next step is to scrub the floor. For this job, the Stefix 1000 STILE floor scrubber offers you the necessary helping hand. The ride-on scrubber dryer has a brush width of one meter and is very maneuverable, making it easy to also scrub the corners. To get your floor optimally clean, it is important to use the right cleaning agent. We are happy to advise you which product is most suitable for your floor.

Do you have a temporary job or do you want an extra scrubber dryer to handle peak times? Steenks Service also offers the possibility to rent a scrubber dryer for both short and long periods.

Buy a cleaning machine from Steenks Service

Do you also want to be able to quickly and easily clean and maintain your workplace floor, and are you interested in purchasing a Steenks Service sweeping machine or floor scrubber? Or would you like to be advised on which machine best suits your situation? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to help you.