During the past months, Steenks Service has realized a complete used tomato sorting line for a client in Australia. We have coordinated the whole realization of this project in close cooperation with our technical partner Hortimat. At the time of writing (mid-June 2018), three mechanics of Hortimat are installing the tomato sorting machine on Australian soil.

Tomato sorting machine

Realization of an automatic tomato sorting machine

Because we are experts in machines for horticulturists, big projects like the one described above are safe in our specialized hands. We can realize these projects from a to z, usually in cooperation with renowned partners like Hortimat. For this project, we have mapped all the requirements, designed the tomato sorting line, and made sure that the project was realized on time and within budget.

Sorting machine tomatoes

Outsourcing large projects

Dutch machines for horticulture are known for their quality and durability. Therefore, outsourcing this large project to a Dutch partner was a no-brainer for this Australian horticulturist. It allowed the Australian company to focus on its core activities, while the realization of the tomato sorting line was in our expert hands. Coordinating the realization of a project of this scale, while using Dutch machines, is hard for companies in foreign countries. Therefore, companies from all over the world are regularly contacting us to profit from our expert knowledge of Dutch machines for horticulture. In cooperation with our partners, we can deliver a solution for every demand.

Tomato sorting line

The tomato sorting line at work

As usual, this machine was thoroughly tested before it was shipped to Australia. Watch the video below to get an idea about the scale of this tomato sorting line and how it operates.