Do you soon have a short-term project that requires heavy work? Or are you currently experiencing a temporary peak time, which makes one or more additional tow tractors highly desirable? Rent your tow tractor quickly and easily at Steenks Service! Renting a tow tractor is possible for both short and longer periods. We are happy to help you relieve any heavy job.

Tow tractors at Steenks Service

Steenks Service has been a reliable supplier of tow tractors for more than 35 years. Thanks to their pulling power varying from 500 kg to even 25,000 kg, tow tractors are used in many different sectors. For example, our tow tractors are not only used in the industrial sector and horticulture, but also in healthcare and at flower auctions.

At Steenks Service it is not only possible to rent tow tractors, but it is also possible to buy both new and used electric tow tractors. We can also provide you with a customized tractor, so it fully matches your business operations.

Spijkstaal tow tractors

With the popular brand Spijkstaal, we can supply powerful electric tractors for which no challenge is too great. We would like to highlight three tow tractors for you:

Spijkstaal 301

Do you often have to get on and off the tow tractor during your work? Then the Spijkstaal 301 with a low step is the ideal tow tractor for you. This electric tractor has a pulling power of 1,500 kg.

Spijkstaal 308

When you need to transport heavy goods, the Spijkstaal 308 offers you the necessary helping hand. This electric tractor has a pulling power of no less than 8,000 kg.

Spijkstaal 310

The Spijkstaal 310 has a pulling power of 10,000 kg and is, thanks to the cabin, very suitable for activities outside.

Rent an electric tow tractor at Steenks Service

Need some help with a heavy job? Rent your electric tow tractor easily at Steenks Service! We ensure that your rented tow tractor is equipped with the desired towbar and a corresponding battery charger so that you can get started right away. Are you still unsure about which electric tractor is best suited for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us, our experts will be happy to advise you.