The temperatures are rising and it is getting warm in the Netherlands. So you want to finish work early to go to the beach. For this reason, we start a battery action, so you can quickly drive your pipe rail trolley and leave the greenhouse before the heat. During the action you will receive a 10 euro discount when purchasing a new 12V battery. You can buy the battery for €207,- instead of €217,-. This promotion is valid until July 29 and when you trade in your old batteries, you will receive an additional 10 euro discount per battery. This trade-in is only valid when you return your own batteries by yourself.

Check here the specifications of the battery here. You can order the battery via your account in the parts webshop. Or you can order the battery by contacting Ruud via

12V battery discount

The best 12V battery

The 12V battery is a traction battery with a high capacity of 118 A/5h. The batteries have a long lifespan an can last up to 1200 cycles. In addition, Steenks comes with a 2 year warranty on your batteries. Due to our many years of experience with these batteries and continuous testing, we dare to say that these batteries have the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Ideal for pipe rail trolleys

The 12V traction batteries are suitable for pipe rail trolleys or a Meto sprayingrobot . A traction battery ensures that the pipe rail trolley can immediately use full power, so that it can drive at full power from the beginning. This ensures that you can work efficiently, because the car is so quickly at the right speed. In addition, the batteries have a high capacity, making them suitable for heavy work. This battery contains a tube plate technology, which means that the battery delivers the strongest performance.

Proper handling of batteries

It is important to charge a battery properly, because an empty battery deteriorates rapidly in quality. You should always charge the battery after intensive use. A good charger is very usefull for this. At Steenks Service we sell a waterproof and dustproof high-frequency battery charger and standard high-frequency battery charger . Furthermore, it is important to regularly top up the battery with demineralized water. If you don’t do this, the capacity of the battery will deteriorate rapidly. For example, if you charge the battery 4 times a week, you have to top up the battery for 1 or 2 times a month after charging.