We already knew that the battery chargers supplied by us can take a pounding. Now our supplier has demonstrated this with a video showing the charger being subjected to all sorts of absurd tests. 

The battery charger type AL0000018, has certainly earned the appellation “idiot-proof”. This charger is a very popular product at Steenks Service because it is fully watertight and can take a pounding. To prove this, our manufacturer made various videos in which he carried out the following tests:

  • The battery charger is put in a pan of boiling water
  • The charger is thrown from a high building three times in succession
  • The charger is thrown forcibly into a flowerbed and then sprayed off with a high pressure hose
  • The battery charger is tied behind a golf cart and then pulled along

In brief: a normal charger simply wouldn’t survive this. At the end of each video, they plug the charger into the wall socket and it still works.

We have made a short summary of all videos. Are you also convinced after seeing this video? Then order the AL0000018 now from Paul via paul@steenks-service.nl or by telephone via +31-(0)174-517516.