Marco Vijverberg of Atout Services sarl will be at the Sival in Angers from 17 to 19 January with the Stefix 135. The Sival is a horticultural fair where about 700 exhibitors show their products and services to more than 26,000 visitors.

Atout Services sarl

Marco Vijverberg is the owner of Atout Services sarl. Marco is a technician and specialized in the sale and maintenance of horticultural installations. Atout Services has more than 25 years of experience and works together with various partners such as Steenks Service to solve customer issues.

Stefix 135

The Stefix 135 is a sweeping machine specially designed by Steenks Service for cleaning anti-root cloth cultivation floors. The machine sweeps and sucks up the (fine) dust and dirt. This removes seeds and germs, so you suffer less from diseases and weeds during the growing season. In addition, there is less compaction of the anti-root cloth so that the water permeation remains better. The Stefix 135 is a ride-on machine with a capacity of 10,000 squared meters per hour. In addition to the Stefix 135, Steenks Service also has the Stefix 73 in its range. This is a walk-behind machine with the same operation as the Stefix 135, but it has only a capacity of 3,400 squared meters per hour.

Would you like to visit the Sival?

If you still want to visit the Sival in Angers, you can find Atout Services sarl in Hall B stand number A-2. If you have any further questions about the Stefix 135, please contact us by sending an email to or by calling +31(0)174 510 266. We are happy to help you!