Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135

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Article codeVE0000007
Selling typeNew
BrandSteenks Service
TypeStefix 135
Length200 cm
Width127 cm
Height145 cm
Capacity10000 m2/h

Your specialist

Sander Zuidgeest


  • sweeping width of the central brush: 700 mm.
  • sweeping width with brushes on both sides: 1.350 mm.
  • sweeping width with both brushes on the right side: 1.210 mm.
  • filter surface 6m2
  • with electric filter shaker
  • with hydraulic traction-drive on rear wheels
  • with Honda 13 HP petrol engine
  • with electric start
  • with removable 120 ltr. bin
  • weight (empty): 435 kg.
  • turning radius: 3.500 mm.
  • with portable ramp

More information about Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135

With the Stefix 135 Cultivation Floor Sweeper you will have a perfect sweeper of sit-on sweeper, that is suitable for sweeping and vacuuming of soft or uneven surfaces, such as floors or outdoor cultivation areas (MyPex of ErfGoedVloeren). This cultivation floor sweeper has been especially designed for growers who work on ground cover or foil. Because this machine has wide front and rear wheels and the front and rear axles have different widths there will be no traces on the ground and everything stays nice and flat. This machine is also suitable for sweeping of fine dust.