With the start of the bedding plant season, growers of these particular plants are facing very busy times. Many of the growers are emptying their greenhouses to keep up with the demand from garden centers, hardware stores, and the export of plants to other countries. Steenks Service can support growers by supplying them with reliable machinery during these peak periods.

Towing capacity for peak periods

Efficient internal transportation is vital when emptying a greenhouse. Therefore, we have a very large selection of electric tow tractors that are available for rent. Bedding plant growers can contact us to rent one or more electric tow tractors during peak periods. These machines are ideal for internal transportation and we make them available without the need for a substantial investment.

The following machines are available for rent:

Spijkstaal 308

Spijkstaal 308

With a towing capacity of 8.000 kilograms, this Spijkstaal tow tractor is suitable for relatively heavy towing jobs.

Efficient cleaning of greenhouse floors

An empty greenhouse provides a perfect opportunity for elaborate cleaning. However, cleaning woven ground covers, on which the plants are grown, can be a very cumbersome job. Luckily, the engineers of Steenks Service have developed a solution. Our Stefix 135 and Stefix 73 floor sweepers are specifically designed for ground covers and can clean your floor without leaving tracks. These machines will save you a lot of time compared to manual sweeping. Watch the videos below to see these innovative machines in action.

Stefix 135 ground cover sweeper.


Stefix 73 ground cover sweeper.

Need (mechanical) help during the bedding plant season?

We are happy to help you out during peak periods. Our machines are the perfect ingredients for more efficient greenhouse processes. They will help you save time and will help you save money with regards to labor. Our strengths are custom solutions that we develop in close collaboration with our customers. The results are solutions that fit the needs of our customers perfectly. Want to know more? Feel free to contact Sander or Wouter on the telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or send us your inquiry through our online contact form.