Are you looking for an efficient way to sweep up dirt and fine dust? Then a ground cover sweeper offers you the solution. With our Stefix sweepers, you can easily and quickly clean your anti-root cloth and cultivation floors in the greenhouse. For example, do you have an ErfGoedVloer cultivation floor or MyPex anti-root cloth? Then our vacuum/sweeping machines offer you a helping hand! The machines can be used in greenhouses as well as in outdoor fields.

Cleaning cultivation floors and anti-root cloth

To prevent pests and diseases, it is very important to thoroughly clean the anti-root cloth during the crop rotation if it is used for several seasons. Also, of course, you want to wipe your cultivation floor clean without damaging it. The Stefix ground cover sweepers from our range provide you with excellent assistance. Moreover, you can save a lot of time with the help of these machines. We would like to highlight two machines for you.

Ground cover sweeper Stefix 135

Since the successful introduction of the Stefix 135 in 2016, the popularity of this ride-on sweeper has only increased. This vacuum/sweeping machine has a capacity of up to 10,000 square meters per hour, making it ideal for sweeping very large areas. With a sweeping width ranging from 700 millimeters to 1,350 millimeters, this machine is ideally suited for sweeping and vacuuming uneven, soft floors or anti-root cloths in the greenhouse. Thanks to the wide tires, we can assure you that the Stefix 135 does not leave any tracks in the ground and that everything remains nice and flat.

Walk-behind ground cover sweeper Stefix 73

For cleaning smaller areas, the Stefix 73 is the machine you are looking for! This compact sweeper has no seating surface and is therefore used as a walk-behind sweeper/vacuum cleaner. The sweeping width of the Stefix 73 is up to 900 millimeters, depending on the number of side brushes. The wide wheels also make the machine perfect for sweeping soft and uneven floors, such as cultivation floors in greenhouses and outdoor fields.

Buy ground cover sweepers at Steenks Service

Do you want to efficiently clean your anti-root cloth or cultivation floor (for example from MyPex or ErfGoedVloer) and are you interested in the ground cover sweeping machines from Steenks Service? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to advise you on which machine is most suitable for your situation. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have.