Are you looking for a solution to make working close to the ground or at height easier and safer? Then a pipe-rail trolley could be the solution for you! These trolleys are suitable for (automatic) transport over concrete floors or pipe-rail systems. This makes a pipe-rail trolley highly suited to use in work such as harvesting, cleaning and spraying.

At Steenks Service, we have a wide range of used pipe-rail trolleys, all of which work and look as if they were brand new. A used pipe-rail trolley will help you save on unnecessary costs and also contributes to sustainability!

Used pipe-rail trolleys fully reconditioned

Steenks Serviceโ€™s professional team of mechanics always inspects the entire machine whenever a used pipe-rail trolley comes in. If faults are discovered, maintenance or repair is carried out. The machine is then resprayed so that the pipe-rail trolley looks as good as new โ€“ not just on the inside, but on the outside as well! The high-quality pipe-rail trolley is then delivered to the customer ready for use and a second life!

Choice of different models

The full range of pipe-rail trolleys includes various models and brands, including Berg Hortimotive, Bogaerts and Berkvens. Consequently, Steenks Service can always offer you a customised solution that matches your business operations. As an example, you can choose between single-hydraulic and double-hydraulic drive technology.

Purchasing used pipe-rail trolleys from Steenks Service

For used pipe-rail trolleys of the very highest quality, you can always contact Steenks Service. We guarantee that whichever machine you purchase, it will keep on going for years. Have you noticed that your machine has a few teething problems? We can help you with maintenance or repair. Use our contact form for your questions and get in touch with our enthusiastic specialists. Prefer to contact us directly? We can be reached by phone on +31(0) 174 510 266!