Currently, a lot of horticulturists are busy with the rotation of their crops. This means that they work hard to remove the old crops from their greenhouses and that they are cleaning up and disinfecting their greenhouses. This is a crucial process that helps them to prevent diseases and insect plagues.

Crop rotation is an intense period of time, that lasts for approximately two to three weeks. During this period, many horticulturists are looking for extra support that can help them speed up the process. If this is the case, you are more than welcome to rent professional horticultural equipment at Steenks Service, which can give you the extra power that you are looking for.

Powerful leaf collectors

The clean-up of crop residue is an important part of crop rotation. You can complete this task within no-time with the help of one of our powerful leaf collectors. The rental machines in our assortment are suitable to be used for long consecutive periods of time. Moreover, the machines automatically shred the sucked-up leaves and crop residue, which reduces the volume of waste. Our machines also prevent the spreading of particulate matter with the help of a built-in water spray.

String machines

Another machine that can be of great help during crop rotation, is our string machine. This piece of equipment has become indispensable for many cucumber, eggplant, sweet pepper, and zucchini growers. The machine works by spitting pieces of rope at a set length that can be chosen by the person that operates the machine. By attaching a string machine to a pipe rail trolley, your greenhouse workers don’t have to cut the rope themselves and can begin tying immediately.

The string machines that we have available for rent are maintenance-friendly and can spit out up to 2.000 pieces of rope an hour. We always stock some string machines, so that we can help you as fast as possible.

Hiring horticulture machines at Steenks Service

We understand that many of the aforementioned machines are only used during the period of crop rotation. That is why we offer you the possibility to rent a machine, rather than buying one. Besides string machines and leaf collectors, we also offer floor scrubbers, pipe rail trolleys, and electric tow tractors for rent. That way, you don’t have to worry about the high purchasing price of the machine, about the required maintenance, and about storing the machine when it is not in use. We even deliver our rental machines at your doorstep!

Our rental floor scrubbers are ideal for giving the paths of your greenhouse a thorough scrubbing, while the pipe rail trolleys are perfect for working at great heights. We have pipe rail trolleys available with a maximum height of 5.5 metres, which can be used for tasks like installing anti-fog film.

Finally, many bedding plant growers make use of our electric tow tractors during peak periods like crop rotation. The tow tractors help them to quickly ride the trolleys with plants in and out of the greenhouse.

Steenks Service: your greenhouse partner

Steenks Service can help you out if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you automate various jobs in your greenhouse. We can supply you with new and used horticultural machines, which are also available for lease and for rent. Feel free to contact us through phone or by using the contact form on our website.