Steenks Service supplies a large variety of innovative horticultural machines. To save money and to make tasks easier, we developed string machines especially for the vegetable cultivation industry. These time-saving machines are also a relief for vegetable growers, and are therefore extremely popular internationally.

Our selection offers new or used string machines. Furthermore, we also supply the accompanying products, such as various types of string.

Our string machines

We developed string machines for cutting string to a desired length, in a fast and easy way, especially for the cultivation of cucumbers, sweet peppers, aubergines and zucchini. The string machine can cut up to 1500 strings per hour to the same length. These string machines can be mounted to each type of pipe rail trolley, so that one can operate next to the crops. With the press of a button, a string is cut to the right length, and can immediately be tied to the crop line and to the crop.

With a string machine from Steenks Service, you can rely on:

  • a machine of superior quality;
  • a machine that can process all string types and gauges;
  • a sharp string cutter in high-quality steel;
  • a machine that works in a fast, silent and also accurate manner;
  • a machine that is entirely maintenance-free.

All string machines are supplied with 1 post and 2 foot supports, as a standard feature.

Other purposes

The fact that our string machines were designed for the horticultural industry does not mean they cannot be used for other purposes. Our string machines are also used in packaging halls, for example, where they are mounted to an electric pallet lift. The boxes on the pallet are bound together in this way.

Used string machines

Used string machines can be exchanged at Steenks Service, but can also be sold to us. This means we don't just sell new horticultural machines, but are also able to assist you in your search for a used machine.

All exchanged string machines are only offered for sale once they have undergone a full technical overhaul and visual revival. This means you can always rely on a machine that works like new, even when you opt for a used machine. Moreover, all new and used string machines are sold with a warranty.

Delivered in a fully operational state

Our string machines are delivered in a fully operational state. If needed, you will be given clear instructions or demonstration by our employees, upon delivery, so you can use your new machine immediately. You can immediately enjoy all advantages that our hook winders and string machines have to offer you and your company.

The best service, guaranteed

We attach considerable value to client-oriented service and so do our clients. We constantly work on improving our service and are extremely proud of the quality service offered by our team. You will always be assisted by a skilled professional, who gives you the right advice.

For technical support and maintenance you can rely on our workshop specialists. All string machines are manufactured entirely by Steenks Service, which means that nobody understands them better than us. This in-house manufacturing means we have all the parts in stock, and can assist you immediately in the event of unhoped for repairs.

Our team is ready to assist, should you encounter a problem or question while using your string machines. Steenks Service provides the best service for you and your horticultural machines, guaranteed!

Frequently asked questions

What is a string machine?

A string machine makes it easy to cut strings to a desired length in a fast and easy way.

Where can you use string machine for?

A string machine can be used for the vegetable cultivation industry. The plants can be tied up with the strings.

What are the advantages of a string machine?

A string machine can cut up 1500 strings per hour to the same length. The machine can process al kind of string types. Furthermore the machine is completely maintenance free.