Hurray! Our Stefix 135 sweeping machine for ground covers was born two years ago. A lot has happened since then. In this article, we will discuss all the developments around this marvelous piece of cleaning equipment and how it is spreading around the world.

Idea and development

When we got the idea for developing a sweeping machine that could operate on ground covers, we instantly knew that this would be a welcome piece of equipment for many horticulturists. Our initial idea grew into the development of several prototypes that were extensively tested. As a result, the Stefix 135 sweeping machine for ground covers was born in May 2016.

Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135

Ground cover floor sweeper Stefix 135

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Machine details

Well received in The Netherlands

There were a number of Dutch horticulturists that bought a Stefix 135 right away, like they had been waiting for this type of machine for years. But the demand for our sweeping machine for ground covers grew even larger after our HortiViral: “But my dad has a Stefix” and our HortiContact promo: “It’s nice to wipe (sweep) with Steenks”. Subsequently, the excellent reputation of our machine spread like wildfire and within two years almost 30 machines are operating in Dutch greenhouses. Some companies that are using the Stefix 135 are Boers Tuinbouw, Kwekerij Baas, Dijk van Dijk, and Vreugdenhil Amarylissen.

Popularity in Germany

Our presence at IPM 2018 in Essen has also roused Germany. There was a lot of interest for the Stefix 135 at this particular tradeshow and horticulturists from all over Germany are requesting a demo. A lot of these companies were so enthusiastic after a demo, that they subsequently contacted fellow horticulturists to tell them about our machine. The result is 15 machines that are currently operating in German greenhouses from companies such as Emsflower, Keysers, and Paul Cox.

Interest from Great Britain

After two years of success, companies from Great Britain are realizing that they are missing out. After all, as the steering wheel of our Stefix 135 is centered, driving at the left side of the greenhouse is no problem at all. Of course we are kidding, but recently two of our machines were delivered to companies in Great Britain. We have also shipped machines to The United States of America, Sweden, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria.

The Future

There is still a lot of work to do, because there are horticulturists worldwide that are growing on ground covers, but who still don’t know about the existence of the Stefix 135. We are convinced that our solution is a godsend for growers from all over the world. Therefore, we will continue to bring the Stefix 135 under the attention of as many growers as possible.

Demo at your location

Are you seriously interested in our Stefix 135 sweeping machine that is specifically designed for sweeping on ground covers? Then visit the product page for more information or give us a call. We are also happy to show you how the machine works at your location. You can contact us at the telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266.