Last week, Brett Verbeek of Dynamic Plants was represented at the Cultivate fair in Ohio. Dynamic Plants is one of our partner companies in the United States. They were represented at the Cultivate including our Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper.

Cultivate fair Ohio

The Cultivate fair is an American horticultural fair where growers and suppliers meet to get ideas, to discuss and make new connections. The fair was from July 16 to July 19 and visitors come from more than 40 countries and from all 50 States of America. According to Brett, the fair was a success with more than 10,000 visitors.

On the left stands Brett Verbeek at the Cultivate in Ohio. On the right you can see the Stefix 135 in action

Dynamic Plants

Dynamic Plants is one of our American partner companies and is located in Fort Lupton. Dynamic Plants is a supplier of cutting from various types of plants and is active in the United States and Canada. Besides that, Brett Verbeek is busy with optimizing the processes at their customers. For example, Dynamic Plants is one of our partners for Stefix 135 sweepers. In the American market, the focus of the growers is currently on optimizing business processes in order to save on labor costs. ‘The reasons for this are low margins and the uncertain economic situation in the US’, Brett said. A suitable machine for optimizing business processes is the: Stefix 135 ground cover floor sweeper.

Stefix 135 sweeper

The Stefix 135 is a ground cover floor sweeper that cleans up all dust and dirt on soft and uneven cultivation floors. The machine leaves no traces on your cultivation floor and ensures that, in addition to sweeping, all (fine) dust and dirt is sucked up. According to Brett, there is a lot of interest in this machine, because it can save a lot of labour. The machine has a capacity of 10,000 square meters per hour. The Stefix 135 is the only one of its kind and cannot be compared against brushing with a broom. In addition, with the Stefix 135 you have a cleaner result. The reason for this is that the dust is sucked up instead of moved like when you sweep with a broom.

Buy a ground cover floor sweeper at Steenks Service

We have two types of ground cover floor sweepers at Steenks Service. We can deliver a Stefix 135 & Stefix 73. The Stefix 135 is a ride-on sweeper and the Stefix 73 is a walk-behind sweeper. Are you interested which sweeper is suited for your business process? Please fill in our contact form or call us through +31(0) 174 510 266.