An important and busy period will soon start again for growers; the crop rotation. Crop rotation is necessary and very important to prevent diseases and pests, and to ensure that the nutrients are present in the soil. During the crop rotation, old plants are removed from greenhouses, and greenhouses are disinfected and completely cleaned. It is important to start this period well prepared. Steenks Service therefore offers various machines and services that support you during this period.

Have your machine checked

To avoid having to miss a machine in the middle of the crop rotation because it is broken, we recommend that you have your machines checked by us. Feel free to make an appointment for maintenance or repair. Our technicians are VCA certified, which means we can also approve your machine.

Rent your machines at Steenks Service

Steenks Service offers the possibility to rent various machines for a short period. Especially when you do not need a machine all year round, but only, for example, during the crop rotation, this is very useful. As such, you do not have high purchase costs, and no extra costs for the maintenance of the machine. Of course, our machines are always delivered ready for use, so that you can get started right away!

In particular, pipe rail trolleys are indispensable during the crop rotation. With this trolley you can easily work at the desired height, which simplifies, for example, roof repairs and cleaning lamps.

Disinfection gate as a hygienic solution

Nowadays, hygiene is more important than ever. With the Steenks Service disinfection gate, the risk of diseases entering the greenhouse is minimized. Because the gate can only be unlocked when the two buttons (that are submerged in disinfectant) in the disinfection tray are pressed simultaneously with the hands, the hands are automatically cleaned. In addition, the disinfection gate also cleans the shoe soles at the same time.

Cleaning products and machines

Are your machines covered in a dirty green layer due to the crop? With the help of Frekofix total cleaner, you can easily clean your machines. This total cleaner is also suitable for removing smoke stains, greases, soot and algae.

We also recommend to use the AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner for cleaning and disinfecting the greenhouse roof and cultivation gutter. This machine has been specially developed to start new crop in a clean greenhouse.

More about our services and machines

Do you have any questions about how to handle the crop rotation best? Or are you interested in one or more of our machines and/or services? Feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0) 174 510 266 or by filling out the online contact form on our website. We are happy to help you!