AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner


Article codeDIV0000103
Selling typeNew
Length220 cm
Width90 cm
Height320 cm
Weight610 kg
Track sizeMultiple options
287329 Your specialist
Medewerker Wouter | Steenks Service

    • 18 hp gasoline engine B-S
    • membrane pump 90 Ltr. 50 Bar
    • hydraulically driven hose reel
    • with 150 Mtr. 1″” PVC Hose and GK-couplings
    • hydraulically extensible mast with Casotti nozzle and is extendable to 6 Mtr.
    • electrically movable nozzle from left to right
    • pipe rail size adjustable from 425-600 mm. center to center
    • feeding pump with 5.5 m3 / h and 6 Bar
    • including syringe assembly and hand spray gun
    • with dosingunit to inject fluid
    • capacity / Autonomy per machine: ± 1 HA. 8 to 10 hours, depending on how dirty (cleaning of roofdeck and facade).
    • recommended driving speed while spraying: 15 mtr. p./min.
    • recommended driving speed while hosing down: 50 mtr. p./min.
    • complete with service / spare parts kit”

    More information about AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner

    “AquaJet Greenhouse; optimum cleaning and disinfection of greenhouse roofs and cultivation gutters The AquaJet greenhouse roof cleaner has been especially developed to start a new cultivation in a clean greenhouse, because a clean start is the best start, right….?