The weather is nice, the birds are chirping and nature is in bloom. Spring is in full swing and many branches are in the peak period of the year. This means that all systems are running at full speed and that the transport is very busy. For this, Steenks Service is launching a Spijkstaal spring promotion! Do you want more convenience and go with sufficient pulling power into the new season? The Spijkstaal 301 & 304 are in action until June 21. The Spijkstaal 301 is a stand-on tractor of €10,600 for €9,285. The Spijkstaal 304 is a ride-on tractor from €17,103 for €16,170.

Click here to buy a Spijkstaal 301 and click here to buy a Spijkstaal 304.

The tow tractors are delivered ready to ride including battery charger and VBA towbar. The tow tractor has a central battery filling system and the tractor and charger are also VA approved. Furthermore, the delivery time is in consultation and specific requests can be discussed.

Advantages tow tractors

A tow tractor can be used for any purpose. The tractor drives electrically powered, making it durable and quiet while driving. An electrically powered tractor is mandatory for indoor use, because it does not emit any emissions while driving. Furthermore, an tow tractor is user-friendly and low in maintenance. In addition, a full traction battery is used. This ensures that the maximum power can be extracted from the engine, because no specific speed is required as with a fuel engine. This allows objects to be transported more smoothly.

Spijkstaal tow tractors are used in many different industries. From left to right you see tow tractors in the hospital, at the airport and at the flower auction

Differences Spijkstaal 301 & 304

The Spijkstaal 301 is a stand-on tractor with 1.500 kilo pulling power. You can get on and off the machine quickly which makes is very suitable for order picking, for example. Furthermore, the tractor is very compact and manoeuvrable, making it ideal to use in confined spaces.

The Spijkstaal 304 is a ride-on tractor with 4.000 kilo pulling power. This tractor is more suitable for longer distances and heavier loads relative to the stand-on tractor. Therefore, goods can be transported in a comfortable way. Furthermore, the tractor is narrowly built and very usable in tight aisles or smaller spaces.

Spijkstaal tow tractors have a high quality and are super solid. They are user-friendly and low in maintenance.

Left to right: the Spijkstaal 301, Spijkstaal 301's & 304's in action and a Spijkstaal 304.


Do you already own a tow tractor? It is possible to renew your old tow tractor. At Steenk Service it is possible to trade in your electric tractor for an attractive price.


Do you need a tow tractor, but don't want to own it? It is also possible to rent a tow tractor. Renting offers a solution if you temporarily need a tow tractor. Furhtermore, you will be completely relieved, because we will arrange the maintenance and inspection for you.

More information

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