For healthcare institutions, Steenks Service has developed two types of machines that make life a lot easier. For instance, hygiene is an important aspect of healthcare, but scrubbing and sweeping floors manually is very time consuming when it comes to large floor surfaces. Specifically for these kind of tasks, Steenks Service offers a wide range of industrial sweeping- and scrubbing machines. The other type of machinery that we offer are electric tow tractors. These tow tractors can be used both to transport heavy loads in indoor and outdoor areas. For example, the Reinier de Graaf hospital uses one of our electric tow tractors to transport crates and heavy gas cannisters and our electric tow tractors are also used for transporting dirty laundry and edibles throughout hospitals.

Our electric tow tractors and cleaning machines for healthcare institutions

As a true expert in the area of electric tow tractors and cleaning machines, Steenks Service offers a very large selection of new and used machines. We can also help you with a custom solution for your specific needs. Furthermore, our technical staff is renowned for their speed and they can provide you with on the spot repairs and maintenance. Because we stock a lot of parts in our own warehouse, waiting for repairs is a thing of the past.

Curious of our range of products for healthcare insitutions? Visit the different categories of machines that we offer and that are listed below.

Our machines for your healthcare institution or hospital

Are you in need of an electric tow tractor or cleaning machine? We also offer these machines for lease and rent. Not sure which machines are suitable for your specific purpose? Our experts are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right machine for the job. Feel free to contact us for advice or for more information.

Video: Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis, Delft (Netherlands), had specific needs for transportation. We developed a tow tractor that fitted their needs. Check the video down below to see the result in action.