We regularly provide airports with electric tow tractors and cleaning machines. Electric tow tractors are perfect for the fast and safe transportation of goods over longer distances. Many airports use these tow tractors to supply goods to shops in areas where trucks are not allowed. The transportation of large amounts of luggage trolleys is also easily done with the help of an electric tow tractor.

Our cleaning machines are very suitable for cleaning the vast floor surfaces of airports. The floor sweepers, floor scrubbers, and industrial vacuum cleaners that we have on offer are regularly used for this purpose. Visit the categories that are listed below and take a look at the different machines that we have available.

Electric tow tractors and cleaning machines for airports

Whether you are in need of a cleaning machine or an electric tow tractor for use on airport property, Steenks Service is your specialist. We can supply you with a new or used machine of the highest possible quality. You can purchase, lease, or rent these machines from us. We also have our own technical crew to assist you with all the necessary maintenance. It is even possible to service the machines at the location of your company.

To conclude, there is one aspect that truly separates us from our competitors. That is, we provide a lot of custom solutions for our customers that are used to tackle challenges within their organizations. We can adjust any of our machines to your specific demands. Feel free to contact us with regards to our custom solutions.

Video: Our multifunctional mover in action at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands: