We have a lot of customers that are active in the packaging industry. For instance, our customers include companies that package goods, that repack goods, and that label goods. We supply two types of machines that help companies in the packaging industry meet their goals. These are strapping machines and cleaning machines. Because we are a specialist when it comes to the machines we offer, we can help you with both new and used machines, but also with maintenance. We have our own skilled maintenance crew that can even visit your location.

A third machine, that was originally designed for use in horticulture, is also very helpful for companies in the packaging industry. These are string machines that can be used to automatically cut pieces of string to the right dimensions. Many companies use string machines for packaging purposes.

In the past decade, Steenks Service has become a specialist in providing custom solutions for companies in the packaging industry. An example of one of our custom solutions, is a moving automatic strapping machine that is integrated in an automatic packaging line.

Strapping machines and cleaning machines for the packaging industry

You are welcome at Steenks Service to purchase, rent, or lease machinery for the packaging industry. Use the overview below to visit the different categories of machines that we have available.

Steenks Service: your specialist in machinery for the packaging industry

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Video: Watch one of our strapping machines at work.