Steenks Service is your provider of solutions for transporting goods and cleaning floor surfaces at industrial companies and logistics companies. Our speciality is providing our customers with custom solutions that fit their needs perfectly. We have our own technical staff that is capable of adjusting machines so that you can use them for your specific purposes. Another of our specialities is fast maintenance. We provide maintenance at your location, to ensure that your machine is is in operating condition within no-time. Because we have an in-house warehouse with thousands of parts, waiting for the right part to arrive is a thing of the past. A big reassurance for companies that are relying on their machines.

Electric tow tractors and cleaning machines for logistics and industrial companies

We provide two types of machines for logistics and industrial companies. These are cleaning machines and electric tow tractors. You cant buy, rent, or lease new or used machine that you see on or website. Furthermore, we can also help you with a custom solution and maintenance. Do you want to know more about our machines or do you want to discuss the possibilities with regards to a custom solution? Feel free to contact us for more information.